Are all staff licenses/certifications up to date and on file?

Which staff are due for license/certification renewal?

Who attended the in-service?

Who needs performance reviews?

Did it get done?

When was it done?

Did everyone do it?

Was a record made of what was done?

What needs to be done next?


Everyday these questions repeatedly surface in the work life of every single senior living/post-acute care manager. When it comes to the HR department or Administrator/Executive Director, these questions likely surface dozens of times every single day.

They are vitally important to the health of a senior living organization for three reasons:

1. Competency

When providing services to residents who often have multiple physical and emotional needs, it is vital that each team member has the proper training that allows them to perform their jobs at the highest level. This means that team members need to have current and active licenses and certifications; they need to stay ahead of the curve with respect to continuing education and, finally, they need to be current on company policies and procedures.

This area is ultimately about helping both staff and residents have a great experience each day.

2. Documentation and Tracking 

Because the requirements for each team member have become so complex, it is easy for important tasks to slip below the radar and not get done. This could mean someone is missing a critical skill, or a license or certification doesn’t get renewed, or an opportunity gets missed. In the event that there is a licensing action or legal action, even if everything was done properly, if it was not documented properly the legal system will behave as if it was not done at all.

This can create serious jeopardy for the community and be a major headache to remedy.

3.  A Happy Team

Most team members want to do a great job (maybe all of them in your organization). They need help keeping track of all the stuff they need to stay up on. To the extent you can assist them with this you will have a happier team who are much more likely to stay engaged with your residents and your organization.

What iTacit Does

iTacit has created a cloud-based platform that helps senior communities smoothly and accurately manage the employee experience. They support the following areas:

  • Recruitment & Onboarding
  • Training & Education
  • Policy & Compliance
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Performance Management
  • Staff Surveys

Over the coming months we will be telling real stories about how iTacit is helping post-acute providers more effectively serve their most important human resources in a more cost effective fashion.

Steve Moran