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Night Staff Blues . . .

How many times have you as an executive director/administrator, been settled-in for the evening only to get a frantic call that someone on the night shift just called in to say they couldn’t make it to work or even worse, a...

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Stupid Questions: The Hiring Process

I recently came across this cute cartoon created by HealthcareSource

If you’re on a mobile device or tablet click here to view the video!

After watching it, I got to thinking it would be fun to ask these questions:

1.  What dumb questions have you asked when interviewing?

2.  What dumb questions or statements have you heard from your candidates?

3.  Do you have a favorite question you like to ask candidates?

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Annoucement: Welcome HealthcareSource

We are pleased to announce that HealthcareSource, with over 2,000 healthcare facilities as clients, is a new Senior Housing Forum partner.

About HealthcareSource
The leading provider of talent management software for the healthcare industry, HealthcareSource helps healthcare organizations source, hire, assess, and develop the best workforce possible in order to reduce costs and improve patient and resident satisfaction and safety through its cloud-based solutions.

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