By Denise Boudreau-Scott

I am addicted to inspiration. There, I said it! I admit it! 

Every once in awhile, words get me REALLY excited. It happened the other day when I received this email from The Daily Stoic:

“. . . there’s a great exchange in the book Chicago, by David Mamet (himself a fan of Stoicism). The characters, having found themselves on the wrong side of a mob war, are arming themselves and discussing where to hide a pistol for protection. Then one reminds the other that ‘the one phrase you never want to use’ when trouble arises, is ‘Wait here ‘till I fetch it.’

“It should be obvious to you by this point that the next few months and years will be rough. We don’t know exactly how rough, but considerably rougher than they were last year and quite possibly rougher than they have been already. That’s not going to be yours to control or to prevent. What is up to you—putting aside any failures or mistakes you may have made in the past—is how ready you will be. Are you going to have a sharp sword or are you going to have to run and fetch something? Are you going to be tucked inside a strong inner citadel or are you going to be looking enviously at the other people who used their time wisely, who prepared for the possibility of winter?”

Now Is the Time

I read these words and thought: THIS is exactly what every single person in senior living should be doing right now! Getting ready for what is next. Yes, it’s been a horrible few months for our field. The worse we have ever seen. Yes, it would have been nice to be ready back in March. But we can’t go back, we can only go forward. How can you prepare for tomorrow when you don’t even feel like you can get through today? That’s where Fearless in the Face of Crisis comes in.

Fearless is our course that is entirely committed to you becoming a leader who is prepared for ANYTHING. Battle ready. We’ve done the hard work of creating what you need to sharpen your sword. Now it’s up to you. Come fall and winter are you going to be lost and unsure? Or are you going to be as prepared as possible for what is going to come your way next?

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Fearless Leadership

I created Fearless in the Face of Crisis to give you a fighting chance, because you deserve more. You deserve for your work to fill you up instead of beat you down. You deserve to have something left in you to give your family and friends when you get home at night. You deserve to have nothing that you “need to fetch” when the critical time comes.

You deserve to learn something in every lesson that gets you excited enough to leap from your desk and run with it. You deserve to get pumped up, with so much enthusiasm that it flows from you to your team members. You deserve to know the secret of being an unwavering, exemplary, passionate leader who can handle anything that comes your way.

You deserve to get tools that have been curated and tested, so you can be the best leader you possibly can be. You deserve to have zero-risk when you check out Fearless in the Face of Crisis, knowing that there is a 45-day money-back guarantee.

The alternative is waiting for the next crisis to come around and being reminded that unprepared is the absolute worst thing to be.

Get Fearless instead. And never look back!