My favorite stories are those that get seniors, staff involved in something that gives back to the community and creates great marketing opportunities.

Contilia Kalender 2014 - Senioren-Projekt - Klassiker

German senior community worked with a professional photographer and a costume shop to create a classic movie calendar that featured residents recreating classic movie scenes for each month of the year.  The age of the residents ranged from 75-98 year old.The thing that makes this idea particularly appealing is that it could be done by any senior community in any market area.  It could be done for little or no cost and energize residents, their families and staff.  It could be a powerful, powerful marketing tool and could be a great way to raise money for a worthy cause. 

Contilia Kalender 2014 - Senioren-Projekt - KlassikerHow I Would Pull it Off

  1. I would frame it as a project to raise money for a well-defined worthy cause.
  2. I would contact a local costume shop and photographer and ask them to donate their services.  Their win would be great publicity while supporting a good cause.
  3. Next I would be to present the idea to the residents and ask them what movies they would like to feature and what scenes in the movies.
  4. In my vision for this project I would get staff deeply involved in the production and maybe even include them as photo subjects.
  5. In advance of the photo shoot I would invite local media to be part of the action.  TV and newspapers would be the place to start.
  6. Distribution of the calendars:
    1. I would give one to each resident and staff member who was involved in the project.
    2. I would then go to work selling them to family members, vendors and  . . . well anyone.
    3. I would have the community purchase a large number of the calendars that would be given to prospects and referral sources.
    4. I would make it into an annual event knowing that over time it would be something that would grow in popularity and prominence in the local community.

Contilia Kalender 2014 - Senioren-Projekt - KlassikerIf you take on this project, put me on the list to purchase a calendar. You can see the original Spiegel ONLINE article HERE     Steve Moran

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