By Steve Moran

You probably know Kentucky Fried Chicken’s signature slogan is “Finger Lickin’ Good” and it is a great slogan, in “normal times”. If you did a “man on the street”-style poll asking people to recite the KFC slogan, most would be about to do it.

But that was normal times.

Today, right now, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic it is a terrible slogan. What to do?

Very Clever

They looked around and decided to “borrow” a few slogans from other companies while theirs was on pause.

From Tesco

From Lite, a soft drink sold in parts of Europe

From Marmite

If Senior Living Borrowed Some Slogans

I loved this idea so I thought I would try out a few on behalf of some senior living organizations.

 Belong Anywhere

(borrowed from Airbnb)

The Quicker Picker Upper

(borrowed from Bounty)

They’re Gr-r-reat!

(Borrowed from Frosted Flakes)

How Doers Get More Done

(Borrowed from Home Depot)

What logo would you borrow for your organization?

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