If you are looking for ways to improve your resident satisfaction and grow your occupancy, ServiceTrac the newest Senior Housing Partner can help you.

servicetraclogoProducing user or satisfaction surveys is a big deal in just about every line of business.  Every time I stay in a hotel, I get a survey request.  Even when I go to Taco Bell, I get asked to go online and complete a survey for a chance to win $500.  Companies are doing this for two reasons:

  1. It is the only way to get a real handle on how your customers see you.
  2. It is a way to create two-way engagements with customers and to build fans.

In the senior living industry, doing resident/family surveys seem to be pretty hit and miss, but what is consistent when I talk to companies that are using surveys is that they find huge value in them. ServiceTrac takes a unique approach to resident surveys in that they are particularly focused on how well a senior community is living up to their residents’ expectations. 

This is really important because your expectations for a meal experience at Taco Bell will not be the same as what you expect at Olive Garden. 

In fact, what would be exceptional at Taco Bell could be terrible at Olive Garden. ServiceTrac will work with you not only to understand how you are doing in absolute terms, but also to understand what expectations you are setting for your residents, and their families, and then measure how you are doing against those expectations.

Why You Might Want to Talk to ServiceTrac

At the highest level, ServiceTrac can help you do a better job of serving your residents.  This always translates into higher occupancies and a better margins.  Here are some specifics:

  • They have a carefully crafted and tested set of questions that are designed to get you the exact data you need.
  • They have hundreds of thousands of benchmark results from all across the country, aggregated to protect privacy. This allows you to see how you are doing compared to other senior living communities.
  • They can help you take your survey results and turn them into actionable items that will improve your resident satisfaction, resident engagement and marketing efforts.

If you visit the ServiceTrac website, you will find a ton of resources to better understand what they are doing to grow our industry.  Over the coming months, we will be telling stories about how they are helping senior communities do a better job.

Steve Moran

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