It’s Never 2 Late, Senior Housing Forum’s newest partner provides proven technology that will improve resident lives and improve your bottom line.

We are excited to announce that “It’s Never 2 Late®” is Senior Housing Forum’s newest partner.  It’s Never 2 Late® uses proven mature technology to enhance senior’s lives in the areas of communication with families, life enrichment and strengthening cognitive abilities. High Level There are three high level reasons you should pay attention to “It’s Never 2 Late®”:

  • They will improve the quality of life for your residents, particularly those who are otherwise difficult to engage.
  • It’s benefits will flow to the bottom line, because it will contribute to attracting new residents and by improving quality of life will increase the average length of stay.
  • Most senior living providers need to upgrade their activity and therapy programming to keep up with a clientele that will demand technology being a part of their experience

Technology That Works

In the senior industry we struggle with technology.  A lot of people are proposing and experimenting with a variety of technology solutions designed to improve the efficiency and profitability of senior living operations and to improve the resident experience.  For many of these technology solutions, the adoption is painfully slow and the jury is still out as to their usefulness. There is one company though, that has been implementing user friendly, cost effective technology with wide adoption for almost 15 years. “It’s Never 2 Late®” has developed a touch screen based computer system that senior communities are using to enrich the lives of thousands of seniors every day.  The iN2L® system is being used by more than 1,500 senior communities (in all 50 states) including some of the biggest names in the industry, each day. The primary focus for It’s Never 2 Late® since it’s inception is the harder to reach resident, the person dealing with physical and cognitive disabilities.  There are multiple technology options and solutions for independent residents, iN2L® has built it model, and its reputation of helping ALL residents, regardless of any physical or cognitive disabilities.

Why It’s So Cool

  • It’s easy for staff and residents to use
  • It is a multifunction system
  • It allows residents to stay connected with and interact with the rest of the world.
  • It is being used as a tool for families and friends to stay connected with residents
  • The system is adaptable for each resident’s unique abilities and interests
  • It provides a rich therapy and dementia experience for older adults with disabilities
  • It increases cognitive stimulation
  • It’s fun

What It Means to You

  • Residents have richer more filling lives.
  • Families have confidence in your community as a leader in technology and senior living.
  • Prospects see you as a leader in your marketplace which means the marketing process giving you a competitive edge in your marketplace.
  • The IN2L system has become such an important part of many senior communities that they are seeing evidence that it helps to improve lengths of stays and billable therapy minutes
  • Your most difficult to engage residents dealing with cognitive decline can be engaged
  • Your activity and therapy programming can overnight become state of the art (and families will notice!)

You can learn more at the “It’s Never 2 Late®” Website