The story: Do your residents want quinoa or crawfish? It depends … on more than you might think. Plus: how to start increasing diversity in senior living, how Lemonheads can be a great selling tool, and why you—yes, you—are somebody’s goal!

The guest: Vanessa Lambert, business development executive, Sodexo

Your host: Rachel Hill

“People always, ask me, ‘How do you work in senior living communities? Isn’t so sad?’ I’m like, ‘No, do you understand that these people are cool?’ … It’s exciting to me. It’s not sad at all. It’s so great to hear about all of their accomplishments! … More people would be in senior living if we could continue to break down those misconceptions and those walls about why senior living is sad and weird and not the place for a 20-something-year-old or somebody right out of college.”

Vanessa Lambert