By Steve Moran

I have been watching the world of robots for years, thinking they must have an application for senior living. The earliest one I saw was at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas maybe 5 years ago. It was being used primarily in hotels to run things between the front desk and hotel rooms. And they were expensive. You couldn’t buy them but had to lease them for $2,000 a month.

That would not be a terrible price if you could replace an FTE with it, but it was not that functional. This past January 2020, I attended CES again. There were a lot more robots, and they were a lot more sophisticated. But it was still hard to see a practical application for senior living . . . though they are getting closer to being practical.

A Robot that Makes Sense 

One of the things that excites me the most about our new partner, Connected Living, is that they have robot technology that is affordable and practical. In the face of COVID-19, the value has increased exponentially.

Check out this one and a half minute video:

To meet Temi, register for Tech ForesightSee Chief Technology Officer
Brian McWade’s session on Temi and in-room engagement.

 Why You Need This Robot in Your Community

There are 5 reasons why this robot will benefit your community:

  1. You can use it to screen all the visitors and team members coming through your front door. It will ask COVID questions using voice technology, take the visitor’s temperature without contact, and it can be connected to a printer at the front desk to create name badges (coming soon). It will, of course, notify staff if the visitor/ or team member needs human intervention.
  2. You can use it to sanitize surfaces and objects that either would not get sanitized or would require a human to clean.
  3. You can use it as a mobile communication device that will provide updates and other community information to residents and support “video chats” with family members.
  4. You can use it to deliver small things to residents like and snacks.
  5. NOT insignificant, it has an amazing cool factor that will make residents and family members have warm feelings about your community and your team. This will help your marketing efforts.

If you want to learn see how the robot is being used to screen visitors at the front desk here:

To learn more about Connected Living, please visit their website.

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