By Steve Moran

We are introducing a new series: The People of Senior Living. We want to talk more about residents … about frontline staff. We want to talk more about what senior living really is and the people we are serving.

The Troublemakers, AKA Norm’s Coffee Club

Norm’s coffee club meets seven days a week at Abe’s Garden Community in Nashville, Tennessee.

I am 96. I don’t feel so old. I don’t know. I haven’t changed much since I was in the 70s. The worst thing is, I’m losing my sight. And that makes everything tedious, because I can’t do it.

What he didn’t tell me, but someone else did, is that he was a big-time golfer and has seven holes in one.


Richard says he has never had a bad meal at Abe’s Garden. Then, with a grin you can just barely see, he says he has never had a bad meal in his life.

And then from Drake

I was experimenting with psychedelics, and I made a rather big splash while in college. I heard that a certain kind of flower seed, if properly done, could actually give you a psychedelic spirit. I sat in my dorm room after soaking the seeds for a week and then chewed them up in my mouth. After waiting a while, it was like nothing, and I thought … really? I thought, maybe a little bit of pot will help, at least a little bit. I got one puff down, and off I went. I was walking around the student union trying to explain to my fellow students the glorious, beautiful vision I was having. It cost me my scholarship.

That, of course, is not the end of the story.  He became a kindergarten teacher.

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