By Jack Cumming

The most compelling reason for prospects to move into senior living is the enrichment that they will enjoy in their lives. It starts with a welcome acceptance. Then, there’s that sense of belonging just as you are. There is the opportunity to share purpose with others. That leads to a spirit of continuing worth. All of that and more is the message of life enrichment. Life enrichment is the fuel that drives move-ins and sustains healthy occupancy and a vibrant community.

It’s Personal

I try to avoid sharing much about the community where I live, though many of you likely know that my wife and I are long-time (15-year) residents in a Continuing Care Retirement Community nestled in a quaint village along the California Coast with an inviting sand beach at our doorstep. Recently, our Life Enrichment Director, Haley DiDonato, has produced holiday videos to uplift the resident community. It has done that and more.

For those prospects who find their way to these depictions of the spirit and life of the community, the videos provide a more compelling invitation to residence than I have seen anywhere. These are not professional videos. Haley edits them herself. Video may be natural for Haley who previously was a realtor using video tours to showcase homes for sale. Haley’s unique ability to bring an engaging authenticity to life showcases the spirit-elevating benefits of congregate living.

Authentic Is Better Than Slick

Professional videos can be so slick that they sterilize the human connection that is the strength of senior living. The lesson we can draw from Haley is that these self-made videos, using little more than the camera built-in to smartphones, bring us more personally into relationships with the people living in the community – both those who are independent, active, and flourishing and those who are farther along life’s journey – than can the polished videos from professionals. And, they cost a lot less.

So, thank you, Haley, for showing how welcoming the residents and staff are where we live. We have a community of love and sharing. Those are blessings. As a unifying theme, Haley highlights the holidays that mark our lives.

You Can Do This

If you are in sales or marketing, might something like this . . . simple as it is to produce and distribute . . . highlight the unique benefits of your community through resident eyes? Haley’s good cheer and welcoming smile are contagious. Her outreach breaks down the reserve of even the most challenging curmudgeon. Who wouldn’t want to live in a community where so many are so grateful for all the fun, love, and benefits of their new life together? That’s a gift to be treasured. Click here for Haley’s Thanksgiving Video. Click here for Father’s Day.

You, too, can use video to showcase your community and to become your own influencer.