By Susan Saldibar

Could a button on a TV remote help you fill another room?

It just might.

Think about this.

John, in apartment 26, has a problem with a burnt-out lightbulb. He can do one of these things:

  1. Press his pendent button, because it’s hanging around his neck.
  2. Call the front desk, report it, and hope someone gets the message.
  3. Put his shoes on, trudge down to the concierge desk, and report it in person.
  4. Press the “assist request” button on his TV and report it under “maintenance issue.”

Here’s why the fourth option is way more efficient:

  1. Reporting it is almost as easy as pressing the pendent button.
  2. A caregiver helping a resident with a health issue is not interrupted.
  3. No one has to take a message at the front desk.
  4. The maintenance “ticket” is directed straight to the person who can fix it.
  5. John gets real time updates as to who would fix the light and when.
  6. The bulb is replaced quickly without any disruptions to care staff.

Multiply John’s need by 50 to 100 residents with similar needs. What could that be worth to you?

  1. Time saved for valuable caregivers.
  2. Less stress on valuable caregivers.
  3. More caregivers providing resident care.
  4. Caregivers able to care for more residents.
  5. And, just maybe, another room can be filled.

You may think I’m jumping too fast to the last point.

But Caavo’s Milan Bhalala made the point himself in a recent Tech Tuesday episode with Abbie Richie. (Caavo is a Foresight partner.) Watch it here, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Anyone who connects the dots can see that caregivers get stuck running to rooms to handle maintenance or other noncritical problems that take time and distract them from doing what they are paid to do.

And when a Caavo TV button can replace a concierge, that’s pretty cool. When a Caavo TV button can let more caregivers give care, that’s huge.

But if a Caavo TV button can enable an operator to fill another room?

What could that do for your occupancy?

There’s a ton more Milan shares on this Tech Tuesday episode, including all the things you can do with a resident’s Caavo-enabled TV, such as:

  • Enable staff (and family members!) to do quick, unobtrusive “remote check-ins.”
  • Share menus and activity schedule.
  • Make important announcements.
  • Provide reminders (“Yoga starts in 30 minutes”).
  • Enable family members to communicate with residents and help them navigate channels, etc.

The list goes on, plus some interesting things on the Caavo horizon for 2023! So tune in.

If you’re still depending on your caregivers to handle a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with resident well-being, Caavo could be a game changer.

Put it on your list of things to get serious about for 2023. Or go ahead and get a demo here!