By Steve Moran

  1. Be wrong
  2. Love someone who has opposite politics
  3. Not love someone who has the same politics
  4. Take a nap
  5. Go for a walk in the middle of the day
  6. Play hooky from work
  7. Give a homeless person some money
  8. Not want to get close to a homeless person
  9. Get mad at the world
  10. Cry for no reason at all
  11. Be mad at someone you should feel sympathy for
  12. To feel exhausted – it happens to everyone
  13. Eat a bowl of ice cream
  14. Take the last cookie
  15. Change jobs
  16. Say I love you
  17. Zoom only dressed from the waist up
  18. Be exhausted from too many web meetings
  19. Talk about things
  20. Not want to talk about anything
  21. Say no
  22. Say yes
  23. Be confused
  24. Be proud of something you did

If you need a reminder that it’s okay . . . download this list and hang it on your wall.

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