On July 16, 2012 Politico published an article titled “Groups to CMS: Slow down”.  Some months ago CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) began to allow states to create “pilot” programs where certain individuals who are eligible for for Medicare and Mediaid, could be or would be enrolled in a managed care type of system in an effort to provide, better care, better access to care and to reduce healthcare costs to the government.              

   A number of states including California where I live, are embracing the concept, primarily as a way to reduce costs.  The push to move individuals into these programs is beginning to look like something more than a pilot program and as a result there is push back from multiple interest groups including physicians and hospitals.  It is hard to know exactly what is behind the push back, except to say it is probably more related to those groups financial interests than to patient care. How this plays out has the potential to have a significant impact on all levels of senior housing.  

If you want to better understand the “Dual Eligible” problem and solutions that are being explored, this 48 page document prepared by the Kaiser Family Foundation does a pretty good job of laying it out. www.kff.org/medicaid/upload/8215.pdf Steve Moran

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