By Steve Moran

I just came across this little tidbit listening to a podcast or reading a blog or something. Sorry I can’t give credit where credit is due.

Creating More Effective Landing Pages

Companies spend a lot of time and effort thinking about how to create better landing pages that convert well. Lots of companies will even use A/B testing to figure it out. And yet, for all that, no one has ever figured out how to build the perfect landing page that converts every time … until now!

Butt-Ugly Pages

Is that too crass a term? … Oh well. The problem with all that testing is that it is testing the wrong thing (the look and feel of the page). It turns out that while one page might perform better than another, the key to a high performing landing page is not the design at all.

Ready to smack your forehead and go duh?

You can have the most butt-ugly page, horrible layout, horrible copy, horrible form, and horrible call to action, and if the offer is good enough you will collect contact information.

It is that simple.

If your landing page is not performing, it is simply because your offering is not good enough. That free download, that free lunch, that informational seminar is simply not good enough to get people to fill it out.

I Wonder …

It would be a really cool test to do a series of landing pages that simply said: “Fill out the following form, and we will send you cash.” I got this far, then decided to try an experiment. Will you give me your contact information for cash?

I will report back as to whether this offer was good enough or not.