By Susan Saldibar

Do you ever wonder how much higher occupancy would be if you, as a sales leader, had a better handle on …

what was working,

what wasn’t working, and

what you could do to make it work better?

WelcomeHome’s John Lariccia and Teddy Helfrich have answers (and a boatload of data to back them up). Which makes Leigh Ann Hubbard’s latest Marketing Monday session with them a must-watch for sales leaders who want answers to the big questions.

Here are just a few in a nutshell.

Question: How are we doing? What can we be doing better? What are we already great at?

Where do you begin, right?

You begin by benchmarking.

WelcomeHome (a Foresight partner) shared some industry averages from their own data and public-sourced data. A few:

  • Average occupancy: 75% (a bit higher for AL, a bit lower for IL)
  • Inquiry-to-tour ratio: 30%
  • Tour-to-move-in: 27%
  • Inquiry-to-move-in: 10%

How do you stack up? 

The beauty of the WelcomeHome CRM is that not only will it tell you how you stack up, but it’s calibrated to help you find the underlying reasons.

So maybe you’re running lower. Why is that? If you’re running higher, what should you be replicating to keep the momentum going?

Question: How am I doing [as a sales leader]? 

Two things to look at:

  1. Are you setting enough goals for the team?
  2. Are they hitting those goals?

Then, what are you doing to enable sales to hit those goals?

And remember, WelcomeHome records everything: all calls, contacts, activities, conferences, you name it. But what I think really sets them apart is that they don’t leave you to put all the data together from scratch. They do that too.

That means you can give someone struggling with tours a goal and track it all right from your portal. You’ll know exactly what to coach them on. Then you can look at the results. Are they improving? You’ll know.

And, that’s when you can say with a lot more confidence,

“I’m doing better as a leader.” 

Question: What should we do to help our teams?

An hour or so with reports can get you in the trenches with your team: “This is what a qualified lead looks like for you, this is your best demographic, this is your top lead source. I see you have 40 good leads. Here’s how I can help you work them.”

What kind of results could a partnership like that give you?

And sometimes the best way to help is to just listen. Let them tell you what’s working and what’s not working. They know. Just ask.

CRMs are just vehicles. You need humans to drive them.

The WelcomeHome folks (and their customer insights team) know that the real power of a great CRM lies with those using it. And they’re all-in when it comes to helping you tweak what you’re doing to make an even bigger impact.

Here’s what I left out. 

Answers to questions like:

What reports should you be looking at and why?

Are move-ins or move-outs your real problem?

Are your sales counselors stuck in certain stages?

Is it a lead volume problem, a lead follow-up problem, or an operations problem?

Think knowing some of this might help? Watch the video, or better yet, schedule a demo, and see WelcomeHome in action.