The results are in!

By Steve Moran

A couple of months ago, I added the capability to do quick little surveys, typically just one or two questions. I have run a few surveys but not published the results. Thought you would be interested.

Who is Using Online Lead Generation Services

I asked readers who they were using and which services they were using.  

Boomer Venture Summit Competition

Back in June I wrote about the Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit that was taking place at the end of that month. There was a venture competition for a $10,000 prize for the most promising company.  I asked the readers to vote for the one they thought would win. Here is what you the readers thought:

It turns out the winner was Vynca . . .  so I guess we didn’t do so well, but in fairness without hearing the pitch it would have been tough to get it right.

Number of Conferences Attended

This came out about where I expected it to except perhaps that I was a little surprised by the number of you who attend no conferences.  

By a long shot, the favorite is LeadingAge, followed by ALFA, SMASH and Marcus Evans.

A big thanks to each of you who participated in our little surveys. There will be more coming. They typically only run a day or two and will never have more than two or three questions.