Create a workplace that is a community with great resources and cutting-edge technology in sync with the needs of all who work or live here.

By Jane Kincaid

For a staff member, the physical environment in a community plays a big role in job satisfaction and can factor into employee retention efforts and morale over time. One design factor that can pay dividends when it comes to staff is the look and feel of open spaces, meeting and gathering areas, and private rooms.

Imagine walking into your community to the sound of music playing through the overhead system or wireless speakers. In addition, there is a public TV displaying a rotating slideshow of community information, pictures of residents, birthday celebrations, and a short clip of a fun activity. All of these elements come with the communications system offered by LifeShare Technologies, a Senior Housing Forum partner.

All In One

Through this same tool, staff members can obtain the daily and monthly community calendar, or look at his or her phone and see a welcome announcement or some other useful information that makes their jobs easier.

Combined, this system of music, video information and entertainment, and hand-held mobile communication leave a positive feeling with staff members who view the LifeShare ecosystem as a source of pride. The workplace is now a community that has great resources and cutting-edge technology in sync with the needs of all who work or live here.

Many Staff-Centric Resources

LifeShare provides many great resources for the community staff and has made it ridiculously easy to use. A LifeShare device connects to any existing TV, and the rest is set up and ready to go. Once a community has LifeShare, the following features are at their fingertips:  

  • Web-based, Easy-access Displays: a staff person can add activities to display on their digital signage while also being published on the monthly, weekly, and daily calendars, in residents’ rooms, and also in the mobile app. 

  • Announcement Creation: Staff can create any announcements at any time. LifeShare has taken the guesswork out of creating appealing backgrounds and provided a large library of different themes, holidays, events, occasions, and seasons. All the staffer has to do is say, “Family brunch will now be at 11 a.m. today,” which will instantly display on the digital signage, on the residents’ TVs, and in the mobile app. 

  • Play Music: Staff can schedule therapeutic music to play on any TV, at any time. 

  • Employee Break Room Digital Signage: All digital signage can be made specific to each employee. A manager can add information to the employee break room so the staff always has a way to see information relevant to them. If a bulletin board with flyers has become obsolete, this system changes the dynamic. Or better yet, if staff spends their entire break looking at their phone, they can view the same information that is on the TV, in the mobile app. 

  • Activity Director Resources: Games, music, faith programs, podcasts, news channel, the “This Day In History” feature, pictures, and videos are all easily accessible. And because the calendaring system is so user-friendly, they now have more time to spend with the residents. 

  • Dynamic Menu Displays: Even chefs can utilize LifeShare by simply signing into the system and updating the day’s menu in a few seconds. And, residents and their family members now know exactly what to expect. 

  • Sales and Marketing Resources: Welcome announcements for prospective residents who are touring the building that will show up on the digital signage, as well as in the mobile app. What’s more, prospects can immediately download the app to see the community information. If they have a demo room setup, they can pull up LifeShare to show the prospect, and even send pictures and messages to the TV on the spot. 

The Home Office can also push information to the campus level by adding content and specifying which TV, at which location, the content is to be displayed. 

All told, the community is truly connected and interactive and ahead of the technology curve, making staff satisfied that their management team is proactive in today’s competitive long-term care profession.

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