Are you prepared for the holiday season? We are here to help!

By Christi Diggs

You’ve had this dream before. It’s Christmas morning!

The kids are about to wake up. Wait, where are the presents?

Where did the tree go? Twenty people are coming for dinner — there are only Cheez-Its and one Diet Coke in the fridge. Aargh! Wait, wake up. It’s a bad dream after all.

You head into the office — ready to check in with your top marketer for your top community — only to realize she is out . . . off on vacation! It’s time for the holiday season. That’s right. She did mention that she was catching a flight to see her family this morning. Just great! Who’s going to cover calls, follow up on leads from yesterday . . .  aah!

Yes, we have entered the Holiday/Vacation/Life Zone.

Remember, research has shown that contacting a lead in 5 minutes or less increases the chances of success by seven. In fact, the first community where a prospect speaks to a person is often the place that wins the new resident!

What’s the plan?

Before even grasping for a last-minute fix, SeniorVu (a Senior Housing Forum Partner) has already sorted this one! SeniorVu’s Contact Center can fulfill these needs — and more!

Working with SeniorVu’s Contact Center beats the alternatives — dropped calls, frustrated family members, and damaged community reputations.

“The FAM (Family Advocate Mentors) Team is really an extension of their team,” said Paige Rockers, Client Success Manager.

The Contact Center can be the ultimate assistant for a community — with only two days entirely off-limits — Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. With even more than holiday coverage the contact center really serves communities wherever they need it.

“It’s going to help build the integrity of their brand because phone calls won’t go unanswered,” said Christen Tull, Client Success Manager.

Newly built communities with teams that aren’t fully staffed — our contact center will “keep the leads warm,” Christen said.

“With all of the responsibilities required of sales staff, often the phone is the last priority — for us, it’s the first priority,” Paige said.

Speed-to-Lead is the Contact Center’s focus — no lead hitting the ground. Wouldn’t that be great — all year round?

Solve your marketing mysteries with SeniorVu . . . call 816-759-2586 today.

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