In broad terms, age and income senior living leads fall into just two buckets… do you know what those two buckets are?

By Steve Moran

In broad terms, age and income senior living leads fall into just two buckets:

  1. Those residents with an immediate compelling need and will move into some senior living community in the next 10 to 60 days.
  2. Those who are thinking about senior living, and might choose to move in the next 60 days but are more likely looking at a much longer time horizon.

Bucket 1

Bucket 1 prospects are the lifeblood of most senior living communities, but in a real sense are not all that interesting. These are people who have a level of desperation and will move into some community so the only question is which one.  At the end of the day, most of the time it will be a decision based on cost and geographic convenience.

Bucket 2

The Bucket 2 prospects have some level of need but it is less immediate. They have the option of staying home . . . or wherever they are for some number of weeks or months. Theoretically what is supposed to happen is that these individuals will receive some sort of regular follow-up by phone, email or snail mail until such time as their need become more urgent.

What really happens is that they might get some limited attention early in the process and may end up on some email list that gets something sent to it occasionally.  Mostly though, so much time and effort is expended on Bucket 1 leads that the Bucket 2 leads end up being neglected.

A Proven Solution

SoftVu is a brand new Senior Housing Forum Partner and they have developed a robust platform that will nurture Bucket 2 leads into Bucket 1 leads. This is something they have been doing in the finance and mortgage-lending industry for more than 10 years with great success.

It works something like this:

  1. A lead goes into the client’s system and on a periodic basis automatically receives custom created emails, snail mails and phone calls all designed to move them toward being a Bucket 1 prospect. 
  2. SoftVu records and scores each prospect interaction.
  3. Based on how a prospect reacts to a given interaction, it will trigger logic that will tell the system what the next action should be.
  4. At some point either leads will become ‘dormant’ at which time they enter a custom drip marketing campaign queue or they will percolate up to Bucket 1.  
  5. When they percolate to Bucket 1 a salesperson will be notified and will have access to a detailed record of every interaction.

Getting Started

SoftVu has extensive experience understanding how consumers make complex purchasing decisions and what trigger points are most effective. They will work with your team to create all of the marketing materials needed to move your prospects forward.

Currently I am working with SoftVu to meet with senior living leaders to talk about how to make this system work in the senior living sector. Over the next few weeks, we will be fleshing out the pricing and content creation process. The goal is to create packages that are affordable and effective for large and small senior living providers.

If you have lots of Bucket 2 leads and would like to turn a nice sized chunk of them into Bucket 1 leads, we would like to hear from you.     

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