What is enticing for Boomers that is also economically enticing for operators and investors?

By Jacquelyn Kung

It’s no secret that Baby Boomers (ages 55-73) are NOT excited about what our industry is offering them by way of retirement living. We have heard that they would rather hang out with Jimmy Buffet by his pool or live out a French version of Burning Man. 

As one person at the last NIC conference said, “Yeah, we are toast as an industry.”

BUT . . .  instead of complaining and moaning like we always do — and ultimately, doing nothing but watch occupancy drop year after year — let’s DO SOMETHING about it.

National Investment Center – Spring Conference

Join our industry’s HACKATHON at the NIC Spring Forum. You can even apply to be a hacker.

The problem to solve is: What is enticing for Boomers that is also economically enticing for operators and investors?

Lynne Katzmann of New Jersey is a lead hacker. Kurt Reed of Texas is also a hacker. Sean Kelly on the nonprofit side rounds out the pack of lead hackers. If you want to you could apply to join one of their teams. 

We will have a lively set of Baby Boomers recruited from San Diego to be judges (yes, REAL Boomers to give their opinions real-time).

Talk boxes will be thrown around the room. Bob Kramer will present his thoughts. Extra bonus points to people who sneak in adult beverages, just as enterprising Baby Boomers might.

A New Approach

Of course, this hackathon concept is new for our industry. But some famous products have been created this way — thank a hackathon the next time you LIKE something on Facebook. Or the next time you look at your skin cream . . . it might have come from a hackathon.

So, let’s borrow this idea and start throwing out new ideas in a fun setting.

Come join us. The audience votes for the winner. 

In short, this hackathon will be either REALLY FUN or you can watch me fall on my face with this concept. Either way, good times.

They Are Coming . . . Are You Ready?

To sum it up, Baby Boomers are hurtling towards our industry:

So let’s HACK . . . or we will be HACKED.

Your thoughts on what Baby Boomers want? Please leave comments below.

Lastly, if you want to apply to be part of the diverse hacker teams, please leave your name below and you could be chosen to come to San Diego for NIC’s Spring Forum — the hackathon is Thursday, February 21, from 2:30-3: 45 p.m.