By Joanne Kaldy

In the midst of a pandemic, it’s easy for information to fall through the cracks. And that can cost you dearly. If you’re dropping the ball on leads, miscommunicating information about residents or prospects, or wasting time duplicating efforts, you’re losing time and money. And generating stress and frustration for your teams.

The good news is you don’t need bigger teams or more hours in the day. Technology can help you stay afloat and move steadily forward when the waters are choppy and the winds are high. Today’s advanced senior living software delivers visibility into marketing and sales activities, eliminates redundancies, and prevents communication gaps and delays. Having all the information you need in real-time moves you from seasick to seaworthy – even as the waves of the pandemic rise and fall.

Close Your Eyes and Imagine

Visibility into your marketing and sales activities is ingrained in everything that happens in your organization. Communication must be seamless, with real-time data flowing among sales staff, community managers, caregivers, and finance teams.

Consider this scenario:

Data captured during the first phone call or visit with a prospective resident automatically flows to the resident record. That gives future caregivers the person’s full history from the start, with no need to re-enter data or manage separate databases. Meanwhile, leads too are captured automatically, so everyone is recorded and tracked with no duplication.

You get practical sales projections, including expected move-in dates, as well as the ability to forecast staffing needs. You boost staff performance (and satisfaction) with automated workflows. And customer service has never been more efficient and effective.

Your teams are free to focus on prospects and residents without the worries and distractions of data management and analytics. At a glance, they know what’s happening, where their attention is needed, and what issues they need to jump on to prevent problems or concerns from snowballing. In the midst of a pandemic, this helps everyone breathe a little easier and feel a little more in control.

From Dreams to Reality

RENTCafé® Senior CRM from Yardi (a Senior Living Foresight partner), makes this scenario a reality by taking user-friendliness, efficiency, and value to new levels. The latest release includes a number of enhancements, many of which resulted from client feedback, that increase staff efficiency and improve transparency of the sales process.

Key changes include new Overview Dashboards that maximize workflows, user experience, and the display of important information. A Sales Counselor Overview is designed as a working space for sales counselors to see their prospects, activities, and other Key Performance Indicators. They can create custom dashboards for various user groups.

Other RENTCafé® Senior CRM updates include:

  • Prospect profile redesign
  • Enhanced email functionality
  • Lead scoring improvements
  • Custom form creation
  • Electronic lease signing

Just as a community changes and evolves, so must technology, and that can help make dreams become reality. You can capture the data you need from the start of the prospect cycle along with practical sales projections including move-in dates. Internet listing service leads are easily captured and tracked. Your prospective residents receive accurate move-in proposals. Staff performance, engagement, and morale all go up. The bottom line: You can drive efficiency and improve customer service with CRM software that helps you operate more efficiently.

To learn more about RENTCafé®, visit Yardi’s website.