Really the question is this: What makes this event unique or special?

By Steve Moran

This is the first question I asked Michael Owens of the Influence Group, when he approached me about speaking at and promoting their first ever Senior Living Innovation Forum. First the details and then the why.

The Event

The event is invitation-only and being held at the Margaritaville Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida on October 18-20, 2015.  It will feature fresh presentations by experts in and out of the senior living industry plus great networking opportunities.

For qualified attendees, the conference, food and beverages and the hotel stay are complimentary.

Why This is Needed

Really the question is this: What makes this event unique or special? Here is what Michael had to say:

  • The forum will explore innovation in senior living with a key focus on technology, design, operations and culture change.  
  • The difference between a strong event and a weak event is that strong events have the right mix of people gathered in the same place. A weak event is just the opposite. Come-on . . . you have been to some of these events where you can hardly wait for them to be over.

Michael and his team have worked very hard to curate the perfect mix of attendees that includes small and large senior living providers along with established, and relatively new to senior living, vendor partners.

  • Fun is being programmed into this event. It is taking place at a laid-back resort with lots of amenities. 

Michael makes the point that in too many cases these, events are so packed with presentations that even though the event takes place at a great location, there is no time to really enjoy it. This is a leave-your-suit-at-home event. Maybe even shorts, sandals and a Hawaiian shirt for attire. The destination and program is designed to help facilitate meaningful connections.

  • Most all of the sessions will be peer-led and interactive. This means sharing and learning together, knowing that no one person has all the pieces of the puzzle and together we can all share experiences and solutions.
  • As it true with all of these kinds of events there will be time programmed for senior living leaders and vendor partners to meet. What makes this part of the program unique is that while there will be some familiar names at this event, you will also get a chance to be exposed to some new products and services that may end up being the perfect fit for you.

New events like this are a great way to mix things up; to gather new ideas and have a great time. I hope to see you there.

You can request an invite HERE.