By Steve Moran

Preply, a platform that connects people who need tutors with people who offer tutoring, recently surveyed a thousand people about workplace buzzwords. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Emails are the place people most often encounter buzzwords.
  • Here are the ones used most often:

  • The most annoying …
    1. Circle back
    2. Work hard, play hard
    3. Boots on the ground
    4. Let’s table this
    5. Synergy
    6. Put a pin in it
    7. Get ducks in a row
    8. Low-hanging fruit
    9. Reinvent the wheel
    10. Throw it up and see what sticks
  • The least annoying …
    1. Sync
    2. Pushback
    3. Pipeline
    4. Level set
    5. Have in back pocket
    6. Window of opportunity
    7. Loop in
    8. Align
    9. Take offline
    10. On the same page
  • The most and least annoying on job postings — this one is important:

  • Gen Z buzzwords — most of which I don’t know the meaning to … ☹️:

But it got me to thinking … what are the most used and most annoying terms/words we use in senior living?