By Joanne Kaldy

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of health care workers have been infected by the virus and hundreds have died. Some have continued their important work even when there wasn’t adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). Too many have had to comfort dying residents who couldn’t be with their loved ones. And caregivers across the country have had to give up time with their own families to keep them and others safe.

Caregivers are true heroes. As a company that has been working diligently since 2006 to improve the lives of seniors and those who care for them, RCare (a Senior Living Foresight partner) is celebrating these heroes with the Caregiver of the Year award.

When ‘Thank You’ Isn’t Enough . . .

In a heartfelt video, RCare staff shared their tremendous gratitude for caregivers going above and beyond. And for the sacrifices they have made, and continue to make. In the video, two words were repeated over and over – “thank you.” But RCare decided to go a little further in showing their gratitude. They created the Caregiver of the Year award to honor and celebrate a few lucky caregivers, awarding them a luxury staycation, hoping to give them even just a fraction of the love and attention they give others.

Selfless, dedicated, passionate, diligent, brave, creative, and ceaselessly optimistic. If you know a caregiver with these qualities (it could even be you!), please nominate that hero for RCare’s Caregiver of the Year award. It’s as simple as providing a brief description of why this special caregiver deserves a luxury staycation. As a thank you for taking the time and care to submit a nomination, nominators will receive a gift card for a coffee break.

After Stress and Sacrifice: A Super Staycation

Two lucky caregiver heroes will each receive a Staycation Package worth over $500 that includes:

  • Gift cards for Netflix, HBO Now, Spotify, Amazon, and DoorDash for some food, fun, and entertainment.
  • Fire HD 8 Tablet
  • Echo Show 5
  • Ring Video Doorbell
  • JBL Clip3 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  • Anova Nano Precision Cooker

And one lucky caregiver will receive a Deluxe Staycation Package worth over $1,000 that includes:

  • Gift cards from the most popular retailers, and entertainment/service companies: DoorDash, Amazon, Spotify, HBO Now, Netflix, Hulu, and Lowes.
  • Coleman Party Grill
  • Biddeford Heated Blanket
  • JBL Flip5 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  • Ring Video Doorbell
  • Echo Show 5
  • Fire HD 8 Tablet
  • Anova Precision Cooker
  • FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

Touch a Life That Cares for So Many Others

There have been so many heroes during this pandemic. This is your chance to take your appreciation to the next level, to touch the life of someone who has done so much for others while asking for so little in return. 

Click here to nominate your health caregiver hero. The deadline for submission is December 31. There is no cost to submit your nomination.