Technology innovation is senior living continues to evolve.

This was a biggish week for senior living technology:


At AgeTech West it was announced that, effective January, 2015, AgeTech West will fold into Aging2.0, the global innovation network and startup accelerator. 

Scott Peifer, AgeTech West Executive Director, will join Aging2.0 as Vice President of Alliance Development.

AgeTech’s founding association partners, LeadingAge California, LeadingAge Oregon and LeadingAge Washington will become Charter Premier Association Partners of the Aging2.0 Alliance with an active role in the combined organization.

The AgeTech West Conference & Technology Expo will continue annually as the Aging2.0 AgeTech Conference & Expo, a major industry-leading event for providers, technology companies, consultants and consumers.

This move is particularly encouraging because it would seem to suggest a higher level of cooperation between the for-profit and not-for-profit segments of the senior living industry.  This new spirit of cooperation is important for the senior living industry and for seniors who reside in senior living communities.

More Innovation

Aging2.0 Academy today announced their second class of startups focused on Aging and Long-Term Care.  The class includes:

  • Accushield, a front entry, digital, sign-in kiosk that screens and verifies third-party vendors and service providers.
  • Active Protective produces smart garments that reduce hip fractures in the elderly by deploying micro-airbags to protect the hip in the event of a fall.
  • Breezie is a basic tablet designed for seniors and those less familiar with technology.
  • CareMerge is a care coordination platform that forges meaningful connections between providers, payers, families and seniors to improve communication in today’s complex healthcare environment.
  • CareMonster is a caregiving app that exists to support family communication and encourage engagement when it comes to the care of a loved one.
  • EverMind produces age-friendly technologies that monitor electricity use to track habitual activity, improving the lives of those who are living alone and giving comfort to their families. 
  • EverPlans has developed the first comprehensive digital planning platform that allows families to create, store and share essential end of life wishes and emergency plans.
  • GeriJoy provides 24/7 companionship, supervision, and care management support through senior care avatars; improving quality of care, increasing safety, and lowering cost.
  • Gociety Inc creates software that simplifies the smart phone interface for older adults. Their products, GoLivePhone® and GoLiveAssist®, are easily accessible and highly affordable.
  • Life Assist Technologies’ s product, Reminder Rosie, is a simple, voice-activated reminder clock with a robust online portal which allows the family to manage reminders about medications, appointments and other routines remotely so that older adults are able maintain an independently lifestyle.
  • Linked Senior Inc. is a cloud based dementia and therapy engagement software for the senior housing market.
  • Life in the Moment is a robust online platform and support community that is designed to provide specific tools and resources for patients with Alzheimer’s and their families.
  • Narrative Apparel gives dignity and independence back to older adults through a line of fashionable, functional, and strategically engineered apparel.
  • Roobrik helps family caregivers make difficult decisions with compassion and confidence, through online decision support tools.
  • SingFit engages dementia patients and residents through song,  producing elevated mood, decreased agitation and better focus.
  • SmartStones has created the world’s first wearable sensorial communication device for sending simple gesture-based messages, which keeps family members and friends closer than ever by enabling them to connect with a single touch.
  • SWORD is reinventing the motor rehabilitation industry with the first digital therapy that uses haptic feedback to maximize the operational and therapeutic effectiveness of rehabilitation services.
  • Vynca is a digital health company that provides cloud-based software for Advance Care Planning.
  • WalkJoy reduces falls for patients with peripheral neuropathy, while WalkingHealth can predict patients at risk of falling and provides the therapist with objective functional outcome data.
  • WoundRounds is the point-of-care wound management and risk prevention solution that empowers nurses to do more with less.