By Susan Saldibar

Back in my early marketing and sales days, I made plenty of mistakes. …

  1. Tripping all over myself to sell someone who was never going to buy.
  2. Sending a brochure to the one person I should have been talking to.

Yikes. Just an abundance of clueless attempts to make something out of nothing and nothing out of something. But, in fairness, that was back in the days when the only thing “digital” was our clock radios — the days when you got handed a stack of leads without a clue who was who and who wanted what.

There’s no excuse for that today.

Because we now have websites that have the chops to do the prospecting work of an army of salespeople. So by the time you talk to someone, they should be more than ready to talk, and you should be armed with a lot of great information about them to move the conversation along. 

Then why isn’t that happening? 

You Don’t Have the Chops

My guess is because your website doesn’t have the chops. Because you are only using a fraction of your conversion tools. 

So you have a website that is doing a knock-out job of not converting leads, because:

  • Visitors have to go digging for information.
  • They can’t schedule a tour on their terms — live or virtual.
  • Chat consists of a “bot” that does nothing but attempt to capture personal data.

It’s so easy to leave a website like that.

So another lead bites the dust. What’s more is that you’ve left your team flying blind if they finally do manage to connect somewhere downstream. Because, in the process of not converting, you’re leaving a lot of good information about your prospects untapped.

Turn It Around

But here’s the kicker: As easy as you make a prospect leave your website, it’s just as easy to turn your website into one that transforms visitors into leads and collects a ton of information about them for your sales team to work with.

I’m convinced that nothing makes this transformation easier than Conversion Logix (a Foresight partner) with their Conversion Cloud. It’s a smartly assembled set of modules all tightly integrated to save hours of valuable sales and marketing time, all the while putting an amazing level of control into their hands.

Schedule Genie is a good example of this.

A Florida-based community recently used it for their curbside Taco Tuesdays and Wine Down Wednesdays. Right from the website, visitors can book their curbside treat and a virtual tour. They drive by, pick up their food and libations, go home, and watch the tour.

What’s cool is that using Conversion Cloud, they’ve introduced a less intrusive way for a prospect to connect to them. And the trust that builds encourages prospects to interact more, not less.

No more flying blind with prospects. 

During all this, by the way, the system captures information about the prospect in the process — what areas of the website they gravitated to, how they liked that first-month-free promo, if they were turned on by a specific amenity, and so on. So by the time you speak with someone, you probably know a heck of a lot more about them than your competition does.

If That Isn’t Enough

There’s a lot more where that came from. 

Conversion Cloud has a good mix of tools. And you get them all when you subscribe. So, in addition to Schedule Genie you also get:

  • Concession Manager — which lets you provide incentives on every page. 
  • Income Calculator — which allows visitors to financially qualify (or disqualify) themselves. It helps them and you, saving you time downstream. 
  • Call Us Now or Text Us Now — a quick tap on their smartphone to connect to you. 
  • Clarity Attribution Reporting — aggregates lead engagement and marketing attribution data, which lets you easily build and schedule customized reports. This is so useful in increasing your cross-channel visibility over the customer experiences that drive revenue.

And I’d be remiss not to mention an easy add-on to the Conversion Cloud toolbox — live chat.

This is real, live chat with a human. No bots here. So if a prospect is on your site at 9:00 p.m. they can hop on, ask a quick question, and hop off.

Digital Marketing Experts

Unlike so many cloud-based applications, you’re not left to figure it all out on your own.

When you subscribe to the Conversion Cloud, you get access to Conversion Logix’s strategic team of digital marketing experts.

This is huge, because they live and breathe this stuff and have access to media and networks you probably don’t have. That means they not only unlock an audience, they know how to optimize the money you spend on that audience. 

The bottom line to all this is that communities are using the Conversion Cloud to create an environment that gives web visitors every possible way to interact with you and stay engaged. And it gives your sales team every possible tool to create that environment.

Conversions, conversions, conversions.

Need I say more?

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