By Susan Saldibar

Back in my marketing days, when a rep would hype a new application, one of the first questions I’d ask was, “Hang on, you’re making a lot of claims. Can you walk me through a scenario of how this thing actually achieves [x, y, or z]?”

These days, while we may be short on occupancy, there’s no shortage of vendors ready to sell you something to turn your fate around. But too often there are lots of claims and little to back them up. This is where a scenario can separate the products that deliver real value from those that don’t.

This leads me to Conversion Logix (a Foresight partner). These folks are all about demonstrating how their Conversion Cloud helps marketers convert a lot more of the website traffic into viable leads that can be worked and turned into move-ins.

I didn’t have to ask them about a scenario. They had one ready for me.

This scenario is one of several constructed to illustrate how a user of Conversion Logix would benefit from using the Conversion Cloud tools. 

Meet Jane

Meet Jane, director of marketing for an operator of 10 30-bed assisted living communities.

  • Pre-pandemic, they were already struggling to achieve 80% occupancy. Since COVID, occupancy declined about 10 percent to 70%. In a few locations, even lower.
  • They were averaging only about 300 website visits per community, per month, across the communities.
  • Of those, the conversion rates were dismal, averaging about 2%. And of that 2%, at least half were not financially qualified to move into their community.
  • Tours, even after their doors opened back up, remained at an all-time low, averaging only one per community, per month!

Here’s what Jane did. 

  • She hired a digital marketing specialist to put ads together. 
  • She hired an in-house marketing assistant to produce content and handle social media. 
  • Their webmaster revamped the site, adding more images, a “book a virtual tour” button, and a chatbot preprogrammed to respond to various questions.

No Luck

Here’s why it didn’t work

  • There was no integrated digital marketing. The digital marketer was getting content from admin that didn’t allow them to quickly pivot to meet different prospect needs.
  • There was no lead strategy, which meant their budget wasn’t optimized in a way to maximize the conversion rate. 
  • Pulling reports was like pulling teeth. Jane was spending days piecing together data from multiple sources to try to figure out what was going wrong.
  • The chatbot they spent weeks programming wasn’t able to answer the kinds of questions visitors had. So they’d jump in and out of it, abandoning the page altogether. 
  • The “book a virtual tour” button only led to a contact form and was seldom used.

What Jane needed was a way to meet the needs of everyone who visited the site, not just a few brave (or desperate) souls who were ready to talk. She needed ways to answer every conceivable question, not cookie-cutter Q&As. She needed reports that were already integrated across channels.

Finally, Jane needed to be able to manage everything from one place.

Enter Conversion Logix

Here’s what happened within three months after Jane launched her integrated marketing campaign and loaded a simple piece of code from Conversion Logix onto each community website:

  • Web visits went up 15% after the Conversion Logix team worked with them to identify a) more targeted messaging, b) more successful media channels, and c) interactive web modules that gave visitors more options to engage. (According to TapClicks, campaigns using four or more channels outperform single/duo channels by 300%.)
  • The live chat feature converted 82% of “conversations” into solid leads. Visitors were able to ask quick questions of a live person, who had the knowledge to answer questions and pass a lead through to sales. 
  • Tours went up. This was because of the Schedule Genie, a simple icon on the website that lets visitors instantly schedule their choice of a live or virtual tour. 
  • 90% of leads captured were financially qualified. This was due to the Income Calculator that allowed visitors to determine what they could afford. 
  • Leads increased by 64%, and move-ins increased as a result.

And Now …

Occupancy has since been restored to 80% and is forecasted to grow to 90% by the end of 2022. 

See what I mean about scenarios? You should always ask for them. This one clarifies exactly how the Conversion Cloud works, who it benefits, and why. By the way, it bears noting that Conversion Cloud is only part of what Conversion Logix offers. They will help with all areas of lead generation, campaign management, ads, and driving up performance.

Not convinced and want to hear about actual user stories? Conversion Logix has those too. They have nothing to hide and lots to share. 

Best idea yet: hit them up for a demo