As the largest technology provider in the U.S. long-term & post-acute care space, MatrixCare® is the platform of choice for over 12,000 facility-based care settings, including skilled nursing, senior living, CCRCs, and home care.

By Pam McDonald

As the largest technology provider in the U.S. long-term & post-acute care space (LTPAC), MatrixCare® (a Senior Housing Forum partner) is the platform of choice for over 12,000 facility-based care settings, including skilled nursing, senior living, CCRCs, and home care.

Its purpose-built senior living programs have massive functionality to help communities track and automate operational processes so they can focus on delivering superior resident care, achieve greatest operational efficiencies, and maximize operating margins.

In Part 1 of this article, The Ultimate Senior Living Software”, its Resident Care Management, Marketing, and Financial and Operations Management programs were detailed. These core components are augmented by nine additional program packages. A brief description of these follows.

MatrixCare Care Assistant integrates with resident service plans to automatically generate caregiver task lists to document the individualized, resident-centered care that’s delivered. It also creates eMARs to streamline communication with pharmacies and can increase medication administration efficiencies while decreasing errors.

MatrixCare Payroll is designed to accommodate multiple departments, pay rates and shifts. It’s adaptable and user-defined tables can handle an unlimited number of deduction designations and departments.

MatrixCare Accounts Payable provides a flexible system for managing the invoicing, check writing, and approvals via a purchase order system. Its General Ledger functions include bank reconciliation, budget construction, fixed asset management, and financial statements. Its chart of accounts is long-term care specific and its reports can be tailored to meet the needs of individual providers.

MatrixCare Claims Management features Claim Tracker (for a full audit trail), integrated rejections and denial workflow, and automated secondary billing. It is connected to thousands of payers via Relay Health and has a claims acceptance rate of more than 97% upon first submission. It also includes each payer’s unique billing requirements to identify possible billing and/or coding errors to prevent rejection.

MatrixCare Point of Sale allows communities to capture charges for residents or employees and then combine them into the proper billing function, such as meal plans or payroll deductions. Multiple plans can be added for other recurring services and its single set of resident profiles eliminates the need to enter information multiple times. It also can be used to create and change menus and track special dietary needs or food allergies.

MatrixCare Meal Tracker facilitates management and reporting for cycle menus with diet guide breakdowns, in-depth resident dietary information, recipe scaling, nutrition and cost analysis. The program allows users to consistently provide resident meals that meet nutrition goals and reflect individual needs and preferences.

MatrixCare Senior Living Mobile Key Performance Indicators (KPI) app gives executives and directors the real-time information needed to make critical business decisions on the go. They can view 12 pre-built KPIs for individual communities, regions or the entire enterprise.

MatrixCare DIRECT allows for the secure exchange of HIPAA-compliant patient information with any U.S. healthcare provider regardless of their EHR or existing IT systems. Medical facilities can instantly exchange admission and discharge notifications, care summaries, referrals, lab results and other pertinent data to ensure care teams have up-to-date information.

Matrix Care Secure Mobile Messaging provides for rapid cross-team messaging of HIPAA-compliant data to be sent securely to smart phones or tablets, (whether they’re Android or Apple iOS devices). The program enables caregivers to communicate with each other on-the-go, 24/7 and eliminates the need for them to carry multiple devices.

In the early 90s when my innovative client was looking to technology to improve safety and quality of care while reducing costs for his four senior communities, the variety and level of functionality of programs and apps like the foregoing was the stuff of science fiction. Today internet-based, wireless, multiple device technology is readily available. Where it goes from here is up to the imagination of leaders in the senior living industry.

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