‘Go ahead and send me a brochure’ is a quick route to a dead end.

By Pam McDonald

The other day I was talking with Katie Roper, Vice President of Sales for Caring.com (a Senior Housing Forum Partner) about their webinar coming up this Thursday, September 17. Here’s what she had to say:

Any quota-bearing salesperson figures out in a hurry that the phrase ‘Go ahead and send me a brochure’ is a quick route to a dead end. I bet you’ve used this gambit, too, to get some salesperson off the phone. So it constantly amazes me how many websites are essentially an online version of a brochure.

They have pretty pictures, canned text, and lists of features. Some even have a button that says ‘Contact Us’ that takes you to a page where you fill out a form asking lots of questions about your specific situation. It then takes three tries to decipher what some crazy collection of letters and numbers say before you can hit ‘Submit’. And maybe you’ll get a call back the next day.

But what if your website anticipated what people were looking for, and provided it to them – maybe even before they knew themselves what they needed? What if it were less of a brochure and more of a resource? What if your home page told them at a glance:

  1.  Exactly where your community is located (and not in 8-point type in the footer);
  2. What residents and their families actually think about living there
  3. How a family can be sure this is a good choice;
  4. A quick and easy way to contact you;
  5. All findable in Google and readable on a smart phone;
  6. And maybe even – somewhere – includes some price information?

Caring.com’s next Digital Marketing Academy webinar features website expert Hendrik De Vries, and he’ll give participants specific tools to use to determine how well your website serves prospects – and your sales team! He’ll also will share best practices for creating a great senior care website experience that is optimized for lead generation.

You don’t want to miss Your Website: Brochure-ware or Lead Gen Machine?

On Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 11AM Pacific/2PM Eastern.

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Can’t make it? See the list of upcoming webinars: http://partners.caring.com/events