By Steve Moran

This is an on-going series and I am particularly delighted to put this one out in the world. Faith Ott was the first business owner to believe in the mission of Senior Living Foresight and has become a close friend, mentor, and cheerleader.

She is an important and valuable voice in Senior Living.

1. What is the most important leadership lesson you have learned?

To be authentic and a very good communicator. And never be afraid to show you care and are passionate about what you do and those in your life.

2. What has surprised you most about being a leader?

How important it is to stay true to yourself and your vision as a leader while being open to let other’s ideas that may differ with yours, have an opportunity to be shine through and be implemented.

3. What is the best leadership advice anyone ever gave you?

Always do the right thing, be honest and generous, and always align passion with purpose!

4. When you are faced with impossible challenges where do you find strength?

It takes a lot of grit and strong determination combined with empathy, courage, and confidence, to dig down deep and find a way to keep moving forward. My strength comes from believing in myself and knowing there is always another option or solution out there if you keep thinking and keep trying!

5. If you were to compare yourself with a historical, movie or storybook character as a metaphor for how you lead who would it be and why?  

Maya Angelou – American Poet

She lived a complicated and meaningful life, which resonates with me and my professional and personal journey. She had an unshakeable calm about her when faced with challenges, a lot of self-confidence, failure was not an option, and a fiery passion for her career and for those people in her life that were part of her growth and success.