10 ways to extend or even expand the amount of energy and passion you have.

By Steve Moran

Not every year but several times in the past I have done a “Predictions for 20__” article at the very end of the year or first thing in the new year and thought about doing it again this year and  . . .

decided to do something more helpful this year!

Successful leaders have two precious commodities that are in short supply and, while everyone likes more money, that is not one of them. The first obvious one is time, the less obvious is energy. In reality we all have time that we waste on big and little things, on even good things but on lots of not so good things. Usually when we waste time it is because we have depleted our energy or passion stores.   

Here are 10 ways to extend or even expand the amount of energy and passion you have:

  1. Go Make a Substantive Difference in Someone Else’s Life — This could be a team member you mentor, a family in your church that is struggling, a friend of the family, or even someone with a different organization that needs your wisdom. Writing a check is fine, but spending time helping will pay bigger dividends.

  1. Stop Trying to Help That Person Who is Not Appreciating Your Help — Maybe not all of you, but some of you are spending huge amounts of time trying to help people who aren’t ready for help or at least your particular type of help right now. It does not mean they are hopeless or will never be worth helping. But when you are not doing any good, go help someone who will really benefit.

  1. Be Self Critical — The senior living leaders I respect most, who are the very best at what they do, are people who mostly have big egos and paradoxically are astonished by how much more they have to learn and how much better they have yet to become.

  1. Sit in the Hot Tub (Almost) Every Day — For some, it will not be a hot tub, but find some time to sit, think and reflect every day. For me it is the hot tub, for you it might be a chair on your back or front porch, taking a walk, or something else. It needs to be without distraction except your mind. No reading, no audiobooks, no talk radio. But have a pad or an audio recorder where you can capture ideas.   

  1. Once a Month, Call a Distant Family Member and Tell Them You Love Them — No one hears they are loved enough. It is impossible. It is the most powerful thing you can do for your family.

  1. Give $20 to a Homeless Person, Pay a Toll for the Person Behind You, or Leave a 100% Tip — Do this as a way to remind yourself how much you have. And yes . . . I know exactly what homeless people do with the money they get, but even then you have given that person a tiny break from their misery.  

  1. Attend a New Conference — Every year attend a conference you have never attended before. Even better attend one that is outside the senior living industry. My list includes Burning Man (maybe not quite a conference), Heroic Public Speaking, Environments for Aging, CES, and, in early 2018, ShankMinds. You will learn things, more importantly, you will learn new ways to think about things.

  1. Read at Least 6 Leadership Books in 2018 — There are so many good ones, it would be hard to for me to make a list. I shoot for at least one a month and I know some great leaders who have a goal of 1 a week. I think this year It will be close to 25 for me.   

  2. Make Room in Your Life for New Friends — The church I attend right now has been one of the least satisfying experiences I have ever had and it is mostly because almost everyone there already has enough friends. I am fortunate that I work in an industry that with a few exceptions has a bunch of people who really appreciate relationships. I would add that if you are struggling to make friends, including being shy, any time you see me at a conference come and join the conversation. You will always be welcome.  

  1. Take Time to Savor the Fruits of Your Labor — If you are in the senior living industry you are changing the world. You are making the lives of other people better (I sure hope anyway). Don’t forget to give yourself credit for what you have done. It will carry you through the hard times and keep you going. It will make you better.

Let’s have an amazing 2018 together.