By Susan Saldibar

What’s the No. 1 reason residents of New Haven at Little River used to ring the call bell?

Their remotes were “broken.” 

Who dropped everything to run and fix it? 

The caregivers. (Of course.)


Now an admin sitting at a desk can fix it. Remotely.

What does that give New Haven at Little River caregivers?

  • More time
  • Less stress
  • A great feeling of being appreciated

What would that be worth to you? 

It’s worth a heck of a lot to Kathleen Douglass, executive director for New Haven at Little River. That’s why she loves Caavo (a Foresight partner).

But think of the ripple effect of that time savings. What could your caregivers do with that time? You can watch the video yourself as Steve Moran chats with Kathleen about the huge impact Caavo has made in their community. 

Here are five other neat things:

  1. Broadcasts announcements right on the TVs in the residents’ rooms. And, in an emergency, admin can even turn on the TV set for the messaging.
  2. Allows remote check-ins. I don’t have to tell you how much time this saves. But think of how it respects the privacy of residents. A quick “everything okay?” from the main desk to the resident’s TV, and residents aren’t interrupted. I’d love that if I were a resident.
  3. Enables families to access the TVs remotely. That means they can be in the same room with their loved one virtually. So, if dad can’t find the channel to watch the USC football game, a family member can remotely find the channel and turn it on! And they can chat through the TV, send messages, send pics of the grandkids. 
  4. Replaces those horrible remotes. Just a single device with a few color-coded buttons. Also voice activated. Kathleen says about 50% of the residents simply “tell” the TV what they need. Very cool. 
  5. Comes with the Caavo team. Kathleen says the install was prepared well in advance. Everyone was trained. And Caavo is super responsive. They are eager and willing to get feedback and use it to keep making their solution better and better. 

Maybe I sound like a commercial, but …

Every time I hear someone talk about Caavo I am blown away by how humanizing the application is. Instead of spending time fumbling with remotes, an admin can either fix it remotely or walk a resident, step-by-step, to fix it themselves. That’s cool and empowering. 

Then there is human engagement; now when a caregiver goes to a room it’s personal. 

It’s a human connection, not a technology connection. 

I don’t know what you’re doing these days to turn your residents’ TVs into hubs of interaction. Maybe you’re doing nothing. 

But Caavo is one of those “it’s about time” solutions. So it’s time to have a look at it and see for yourself.