And the winners are . . . drum roll, please.

By Wendy D’Alessandro, the largest website for senior care reviews, announced the Caring Stars of 2019, its annual list of best senior living communities as determined by more than 200,000 consumer ratings and reviews in its online directory.

For 2019, 144 top-rated senior living communities in 36 states earned recognition as Caring Stars. In addition:

  • The states with the most winning communities include California, Texas, and Florida;

  • Senior living chains Holiday Retirement, Eskaton, Pacifica Senior Living, Senior Lifestyle, and Heritage Senior Living stand out with the highest number of winners;

  • 54 senior living communities (36%) boast ‘Caring Super Stars’ status – having earned the Caring Stars reviews award in three or more years since the program launched in 2012; and

  • Two communities nationwide have earned the Caring Stars award in 7 of the 8 years it’s been available: Atria Windsor Woods and Dodge Park Rest Home.

Caring Stars Status Could Boost Sales

The recognition provides communities with more than just bragging rights, says CEO Jim Rosenthal. “In looking at’s directory and referral data over several years, we’ve seen that Caring Stars communities attract twice as many new resident inquiries and move-ins than communities without the award.”

What Makes a Caring Star?

Any licensed senior living community with a profile in’s nationwide directory is eligible to earn a spot on the annual list. But it’s the online reviews and ratings — quantity, quality, and community responsiveness — that gives communities a chance at Caring Stars status.

Specifically, the Caring Stars of 2019 met the following criteria:

  • An overall average rating (across all reviews) of 4.5 stars or higher (on a scale of 1 to 5) as of 10/15/18

  • 10 or more consumer reviews on their listing by 10/15/18

  • 3 or more reviews on their listing dated between October 15, 2017 – October 15, 2018, including at least one that was posted during 2018 and at least one that had a 5-star rating

  • Responses to any/all negative (1-star or 2-star) reviews on their listing.

“. . . Caring Stars communities attract twice as many new resident inquiries and move-ins than communities without the award.”

– CEO Jim Rosenthal

The online reviews and ratings required to earn Caring Stars status can boost communities’ marketing and sales efforts overall, says Denise Graab, director of industry marketing at For example:

  • Senior care searchers click to the listings with reviews and skip those without them.

  • Reviews significantly increase leads, tours, and move-ins for senior living communities – in one case study, a senior living operator’s listings with 15+ reviews attracted 5x more inquiries, 7x more tours, 8x more move-ins than its listings with only 1-2 reviews.

  • Caring Stars (and positive reviews in general) also supports senior living communities’ PR and social marketing efforts, while boosting morale among staff and reinforcing that the community is delivering quality services for residents and their family members.

In referring families to senior living communities, Caring’s Family Advisors will also mention a senior living community’s reviews and Caring Stars status, as will the follow-up materials Caring provides to families to help them narrow their search to the best community for their needs.

2019’s winning communities are invited to join a free webinar to learn more about how to make the most of this award.

How to Earn Caring Stars Status in the Future?

If you aren’t already listed in’s directory, that’s the first step. Then, check out’s award-winning Digital Marketing Academy, where you’ll find:

  • A case study describing how Pacifica Senior Living used online referrals and reputation management to repeatedly earn a top spot on the Caring Stars annual list.

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