Imagine transporting your mom in a wheelchair and suddenly one of the wheels falls off.

Imagine transporting your mom in a wheelchair and suddenly one of the wheels falls off. Really? My son-in-law called numerous wheelchair and walker supply companies. No one knew how to put a wheel back on. He was at his wits end and his mom could not walk back to the car. My son-in-law decided to call his local Les Schwab in Oregon. They said, “We have never done it before, but let’s give it a shot.” Les Schwab came and picked up the wheelchair and the tire. They took it back to their shop, put it on their hoist and replaced the tire. They returned the restored wheel chair to the mom and son. How much? Les Schwab said, “No charge.” Unbelievable!!!! The Little Things are

The Big Things

A senior moving into a Continuing Care Retirement Community, Freedom Village in CA., hired a company called Meathead Movers to pack and move him. (The name alone should have been a clue.) The movers did not mark a single box. They literally put everything this man owned into his new apartment and left at 6:00 PM. The poor resident did not have a clue what was in any box. Kimber, a retirement counselor stayed until 8:30 PM. She helped the new senior resident find his shaver, toothbrush, cords for the TV and made up his bed. By the way, it is always standard procedure for this community to make up any new resident’s bed. Another resident who moved into a retirement community, got moved in very late. The housekeeping department had gone home. So the marketing director and one of the retirement counselors got clean sheets from the laundry and made up the resident’s bed themselves. The senior resident said, “I am so glad that I do not have to go find a hotel room for the night.” Every time I visit my mom in skilled nursing there is a 50/50 chance whether she will be in good mood. Imagine my surprise and pleasure when I found her and a group of residents taking turns holding the resident bird. My mom had such joy on her face. What blew me away was the fact that it was not a scheduled activity. I love “wow” experiences. Can you share an above and beyond example from your senior living community? Diane Diane Twohy Masson is the author of “Senior Housing Marketing – How to Increase Your Occupancy and Stay Full,” available at with a 5-star rating.  She also has a bunch of additional resources at her website Marketing2Seniors If you like this article (or even if you don’t) it would be a great honor to have you subscribe to our mailing list HERE