Some might be surprised that digital resources are what drive business in the senior living industry.

By Christi Diggs

Where’s the beef?

Hey, Kool-Aid!

Mikey liked “It”!

These are all phrases that go through the minds of people who lived through TV marketing campaigns from the late 70s or early 80s. In fact, the well-known Life Cereal ad ran for 12 years — starting in 1972, according to a Forbes piece from May 2016.

These are memorable phrases but many people today wouldn’t see these same campaigns as ubiquitous as they seemed at the time. After all, one major advertising/marketing medium didn’t exist in the mainstream then — the Internet.

We don’t and can’t market the way we did in the 70s.

In fact, modern marketing sometimes feels like scenes from futuristic book plots — search engines recognizing our searches — popping their ads into online articles or magically emailing you from companies that do exactly what you needed! Who knew?

In my role as Sales Director at SeniorVu, I’ve had many interesting conversations with decision makers in the senior living industry. These DMs have put a lot of time, effort and money into the infrastructure components that comprise a strong senior living community. (SeniorVu is a Senior Housing Forum Partner.)

But often times, marketing that same beautifully orchestrated “future home” — complete with quality construction, experienced staff, and attentiveness to the wants/needs of seniors — is an afterthought that negatively impacts the new community.

SeniorVu Digital Marketing

At these times, I turn to our Digital Marketing team for solutions. They combine their marketing expertise and strength of our senior-living focused contact center to really deliver the message of our community-clients.

Billy Daniels, our Digital Marketing Director, takes the expertise of his digital team to customize a plan for each community to draw the most probable leads to the community.

Some might be surprised that digital resources are what drive business in the senior living industry.

In fact, 87% of seniors use social media and 94% access the Internet daily, according to an article on marketing to seniors on a site for “Media Logic.” They specialize in financial, technological, and healthcare marketing.

“Our strategy starts with understanding a community’s goals, then we can advise them on the best ways to utilize our digital tool kit to fill their sales funnel with meaningful leads,” Daniels said. “Not just any old leads but ones that become touring, prospective residents who’ve been pre-qualified.”

“Today’s senior isn’t the same as 40 years ago,” said Daniels. “Why should we market to seniors as if they haven’t changed with the times?”

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