By Joanne Kaldy

Faster lead response time and a boost in occupancy. Those are just some of the benefits Stage Management got with a senior living CRM solution from Yardi, a Senior Living Foresight partner. 

Proven Results from a Case Study

In a new case study, Troy McClymonds, a partner with Stage Management, shared his organization’s success with RENTCafé Senior CRM. “We can see where we are in our sales cycle and what activities we need to complete to help move more people in the door,” he said. “Our numbers prove that over and over again.”

At the Golden Pond Retirement Community, one of the properties Stage Management oversees, staff had previously relied on a paper-based process to manage their lead-to-resident cycle. The amount of handwritten paperwork involved meant that staff spent extra time sorting and disseminating information. As a result, the sales team might take more than a day to respond to new leads, and weekend coverage was spotty. The whole process was inefficient and involved a lot of duplicate work. 

Enter the Yardi Senior Living Suite, which replaces disparate systems with an integrated software solution for assisted living. With RENTCafé Senior CRM, built into the Yardi Senior Living Suite, providers gain complete visibility into their sales and marketing efforts. Its centralized database also eliminates redundancies, allowing lead data to reach those who need it most in real-time.

This was a game-changer for Stage Management. “How seamless it is, from starting as a prospect to becoming an actual resident, is amazing,” McClymonds said. Staff no longer need to re-enter names and other previously recorded details or search through paper files. “We just put everything into Yardi, and it continues on through the cycle.”

Efficiency and Visibility Lead to More Sales

Thanks to Senior CRM, the paper trail is now just a memory for Stage Management. The mobile, browser-based platform has streamlined sales workflows, increased staff efficiency, and ultimately helped the community grow. Specifically:

  • With Yardi as the single source of truth for lead and resident information, McClymonds estimates that his company saves at least 4-6 hours per lead.
  • With full contact details for every lead captured in Senior CRM, Stage Management has eliminated 75-100 different types of paper documentation across the organization!
  • For McClymonds’ company, one of the biggest advantages of Senior CRM was added visibility. They now track about 250-300 open, active leads in the system. “We’re doing a better job of touching all of those prospects and seeing where they are in the sales cycle,” he said.
  • Once a lead enters Senior CRM, the system automatically sends an email to the sales team. As a result, contact with new leads has gone from taking a full day (or longer) to under two hours.
  • The overall improvement in staff efficiency and sales management has had a real impact on Stage Management’s census numbers. They’ve gone from a historical average of 90% to 93-100%. “I couldn’t imagine doing this without Yardi. It’s invaluable,” McClymonds said.

Going Mobile

RENTCafé Senior CRM boosts revenue and maximizes occupancy with mobile-friendly marketing tools specifically for senior living providers. See how Senior CRM and the rest of the Yardi Senior Living Suite can help your community grow. Get in touch for more information.

If you already have RENTCafé Senior CRM, you can download the app from iTunes or Google. Click here to download the Stage Management case study.