Joanne Kaldy

When you need to move fast and far, an old car – however reliable – won’t do the trick. The same is true with technology. More than ever, senior living teams are working from a variety of locations and communicating virtually. As a result, their technology has to be more than tried and true. It needs to be cutting-edge, user-friendly, and put a wide array of information at your fingertips in real-time. Senior IQ from Yardi (a Senior Living Foresight partner), has stepped up to the plate. Meeting and even exceeding the needs and expectations of clients in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and looking into the future.

Yardi Senior IQ is part of the Yardi Senior Living Suite for senior living providers. Enabling them to unite their property management, finance, marketing, resident care, and other data and records on a single connected solution. The latest release, Senior IQ 1.6, is now live and includes several great new features:

A Redesigned Home Page

A new look ensures that the first data you see after signing in is clear, relevant, and actionable. The portfolio statistics at the top have been replaced with three customizable tiles. You can sort KPIs for all your communities by different attributes such as property owner, care level, or region. Your occupancy percentage and census are also available at a glance.

New Tool Tips

With the abundance of KPIs available in Senior IQ, it’s important to know what each does when you’re reviewing or building your dashboards. That’s where the new tool tips come in. You can hover your mouse over the familiar blue information icon on a widget or measure to see a quick explanation of what it’s tracking.

Utilization Dashboard

To realize all benefits of a technology solution, especially in a virtual world, your team has to be sure they’re using it to its fullest. As part of 1.6, Yardi has created two new dashboards that show your team’s utilization of Senior CRM and EHR. These metrics can help you understand how your team is working in the Yardi Senior Living Suite. These dashboards also detail a wide range of numbers that give you an overall picture of your team’s productivity and much more.

Staffing KPIs

The utilization dashboard includes metrics that can help you understand and manage your staffing utilization. Essentially, you’ll be able to find out quickly, easily, and in real-time if you have enough caregivers for the care your residents need. It also will showcase your communities’ care minutes, listing the average for how much time has been scheduled and recorded. This means that you can know instantly whether your caregivers’ staffing levels are actually appropriate. Allowing for prompt conversations and decisions about staffing levels that don’t rely on gut feelings or guesswork.

Faster, Easier to Use, and More Efficient Than Ever

Faster, easier to use, and more efficient than ever, Senior IQ enables you to uncover the insights you need to drive growth with actionable information for your entire portfolio. Come rain or shine, this supercharged technology enables data collection and display that gives you the answers you need quickly and information you can share confidently. 

Have questions about business intelligence (BI) technology? A new eBook from Yardi offers six key concepts to consider when selecting a senior living BI tool. This resource addresses the importance of BI tech that is accessible, intuitive, and visual, plus much more. Fill out the form below to get your copy.