I am scratching my head about why I had not seen it before . . .

By Steve Moran

A couple of people sent me this story recently, though it is actually several years old. I am scratching my head about why I had not seen it before, except that the video — which is posted on Vimeo — only has 175 views. That likely explains it.

For the purpose of senior living, you can pretend it’s new. Because even though three-years-old it is really really cool. Let’s start with the video:

Making This Work For Residents . . . and A Better World

I am so encouraged and gratified that I see the cruise ship luxury hotel metaphor describing senior living used less and less often. And yet, senior living communities legitimately struggle to create purpose-filled activities and events for residents. This could be another really cool tool. Imagine taking long-time residents to town centers or in big tourist cities putting them on those red, yellow or green tourist buses where they could talk about the past.  

It would enrich the local community and give serious purpose to your residents. And, if that were not enough, it is the kind of thing that is ripe for free media coverage.   

Perhaps as important, it becomes a way for people to see senior living as something other than “that place I never want to go to”.

Is anyone doing this kind of thing now?