At the recent LeadingAge National Expo, there were more than 70 companies listed under the category “Computer Services/Data Management/Software”.

There is a dizzying array of software platforms available to assisted living and independent living providers. At the recent LeadingAge National Expo, there were more than 70 companies listed under the category “Computer Services/Data Management/Software”. 

And there were plenty of other companies that weren’t there. 

To be fair, those 70 plus vendors represent a wide variety of products and services, but from the perspective of a senior living provider, it has to be daunting trying to figure out what you need, what would be nice to have and ultimately which solutions will provide the biggest time savings and ROI.

Finally, even when looking at the best-in-class technology platforms, not every platform is a perfect fit for every single community. Buyers must do a careful comparison of features to find solutions that fit their specific business needs.

RealPage Senior Living

By way of introduction, I have been friends with Doug Fullaway, the VP of Senior Living Development for RealPage, for close to three years. From time to time, I would nudge him about RealPage becoming a partner. Several weeks ago, he reached out to me saying they were ready to go.

This past week, I spent an hour on the phone with a portion of the RealPage Senior Living leadership team talking about how they are helping senior living providers do a better job. My big question was this:

What Makes You Different/Better?

The RealPage Difference

Here are some of the reasons RealPage Senior Living should be important to you:

  • The system is an integrated package of software and services that includes referral services, lead management, a 24/7-contact center, assessment templates, incident tracking, resident insurance and screening, facilities and document management, and accounting/budgeting. All these tools work together seamlessly, but users can onboard module by module or only use the ones that are meaningful to them.
  • The software is designed very specifically for the assisted living user and operator. One of the biggest challenges users face with systems that serve both the skilled and assisted living world is that by necessity, the skilled nursing modules create overhead and complexity, which can negatively impact the assisted living platform. RealPage software helps prevent that complexity thanks to its ease of use.
  • While RealPage Senior Living offers a complete solution, its platform has an open architecture and APIs that allow for integration with outside tools. This provides a level of flexibility not many other companies offer.  

Over and over again Doug stressed that RealPage Senior Living, while a completely integrated solution from the front of the house to the back of the house, is also open for business. They want to work with you to create an optimal solution that is right for your business and will give you more efficiencies while making your care staff’s work-life better.

We are looking forward to sharing their wisdom in the coming months.


Steve Moran