By Leigh Ann Hubbard

The secrets to standing out on aren’t really secret. The folks at Caring (a Foresight partner) will tell you how to rise to the top!

Unlike Google, whose search algorithm is an ever-changing puzzle, Caring will flat-out give you a list of things to do to make your community shine—and draw more qualified leads.

There is a catch though: You have to do those things. Many communities don’t, rendering their presence lackluster. They leave the door wide open for their competitors to swoop in and dominate.

There are more than 80,000 senior living and senior care listings on Here’s how to make yours stand out.

1. Post 8–16+ Great Photos

Let people experience your community through photos that have good composition, adequate lighting, and appropriate resolution (no pixelation). Hire a professional photographer if you can. If that’s not in the budget, ask a staffer with a newer cellphone and a good eye to take pictures. For technical and artistic tips, ask them to read this article or watch this video first.

Any senior living community can post one photo on Caring. Partners can post more. Recent data shows that listings with eight to 15 photos got 16 times more leads than those with fewer. Listings with 16 or more photos got a whopping 38 times more leads!

2. Include Social Proof

Anybody can claim to have the best community, but when the reviews and awards back you up, people can trust you’re telling the truth.

“Reviews and photos are particularly popular among those searching for senior living on our website,” says Denise Graab, Caring’s director of industry marketing. “The volume of  reviews you have on Caring can make a significant difference in driving more inquiries, tours, and move-ins.”

In a recent webinar Denise held about how to get and respond to reviews, she included specific details on how reviews can support your community’s sales efforts (view the slides or recording now). She shared how U.S. adults age 55+ use reviews in their search and selection process, showed some case studies and data on reviews’ influence, and detailed how communities can earn Caring’s coveted Caring Stars award for service excellence based on reviews.

Any community—partner or not—can get and respond to reviews to earn the Caring Stars award. (The award’s criteria aren’t disclosed in advance, but in the webinar, Denise provides strategic goals to support communities in qualifying for the 2022 honor.)   Looking at data from 2019 and 2020, Caring Stars winners averaged twice as many inquiries and three times as many move-ins as Caring partners without the award.

3. Remember the Key Details That Help Consumers Search and Select

When updating your listing, make sure it includes these things:

  • Correct business name and address, matched to how they appear on your website and other online profiles (to support clear and accurate SEO signals)
  • All of your service levels and amenities details
  • A good “About Us” paragraph that helps differentiate what makes your community special
  • Starting rates or rates range

For Caring partners: Don’t miss the opportunity to leverage the FAQ module to stand out from competitors and help consumers select your community for a tour.

Finally, check out your competitors’ listings. Are they saying the same things you are? Find a way to show off your community’s unique attributes (without naming the competitors).

More Ways to Stand Out 

To get an even higher spot in the search results, consider upgrading your listing. Caring partners are listed first (and ranked by review volume).

In addition to being able to post more photos, partners can feature a move-in incentive at the top of their listings. They also get support services to build their online reputation. Caring even helps partners gather reviews by phone.

Here is an example of a community with a top-notch listing — photos, reviews, rates, amenities, move-in incentive, even a Caring Stars award: Pacifica Senior Living Paradise Valley. Here’s how it looks at the top of the search results for its area.

To learn more about optimizing online reviews and qualifying for the Caring Stars award, check out Caring’s summer webinar series in their Digital Marketing Academy.

If you’re a Caring partner and would like help updating your photos or other aspects of your profile, contact the Partner Success team. Or you can update your listing photos, rates, and more yourself through the Partner Portal.

If you’re not yet a partner, contact [email protected] or (855) 897-2433 to learn more about how to grow your business on the platform (and please mention that you read this article on Senior Living Foresight).

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