By Steve Moran

This is really a video story (see below) but here are the highlights:

  • “The Tam” is a 280+ CCRC in Marin County (San Francisco Bay Area), operated by Sequoia Living.
  • I interviewed Sequoia Senior Living Leaders Sara McVey, president & CEO, and Corinne Sartorio, director of health services; and Wes Bard, The Tam’s Executive Director.
  • The Tam was picked for early inoculation because over time, and particularly during the pandemic,  they developed and maintained a tight relationship with the county health department (this deserves and will get its own article because it is such a critical point).
  • When The Tam leadership heard they were going to be first, there were tears of relief.
  • This round of vaccinations was for staff.
  • While there was some minor staff resistance, most received the vaccine. Residents all are ready to go.
  • The interview was conducted the day after the vaccinations and the worst medical reactions were a few sore arms.

Here is the interview: