By Steve Moran

Did you see the stories about how In-N-Out Burger opened their first locations in Colorado and it took 14 hours to get through the lines? This, from The Daily Mail, is my favorite story:


Burger Joints and Senior Living

I guess it is hard for me to imagine a brawl between prospective residents for a senior living community. Or even a brawl between family members wanting to get their loved one into a senior living community. And yet, it makes me grin to imagine two old guys bashing each other with canes or ramming their wheelchairs into each other trying to get the last apartment in your senior living community.

Can’t you just picture it?!

If We Live Up to Our Promise

I am one who believes that when senior living is done right it is worth a 14-hour wait, worth brawling over to be in that community that makes those last chapters of an older person’s life great, because:

  1. Residents will live more purposeful lives
  2. They will live longer
  3. They will live healthier lives
  4. They will be happier

Residents will write books, compose plays, start companies, and mentor future leaders. They will create and contribute, they will support each other and together change the world in remarkable, mind-blowing ways. The challenges of aging will just be an aside that, rather than hindering, actually inspire older people to reach new heights of excellence.

What I Am Not So Sure of

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this, and I am not quite sure we actually believe our own press. Do we really believe senior living provides older people with their best possible lives? Or are we still living in a world where senior living leaders hope they make enough money so they will never have to live in senior living?

We have so much potential to change the world and I am fearful we are, at best, only scratching the surface. We are getting closer to reaching our full potential. But progress is slow. I fear we are crawling toward the finish line with apathy rather than sprinting with passion.

What do you think?