Industry conferences are an exhausting, exciting and fun (at least for me), whirlwind of activity that include, keynote speakers, breakout sessions, trade show exhibits and parties  . . . lots of parties. There is one other part of the pageantry, that is mostly about endurance.  That is the awards process. . . . come on, you know this is true for you too.

Don’t get me wrong, these awards are cool and the winners deserve the accolades and there is always a great story (one of which I will tell later this week) and tons and tons of hard work behind the awards.  So no way I am suggesting they should be done away with, and the organizations who give these awards have gotten a lot better about making them interesting by adding video, pictures and high energy music.  Even so . . . unless the award is going to you or someone you know, they end up being the kind of thing you and the rest of the crowd endures. The Momba Awards process is like no other.  They best will ever attend.

2013 MOMBA Awards

Each year solicits submissions from senior living communities in order to find the best, the coolest, the most creative, the most effective marketing programs.  Last week they announced the 2013 winners who include:

Some Twitter Sized Stories

  • Oak Meadows was the judges’ choice.  What particularly impressed the judges was that the Oak Meadows Team was willing to take a hard look at the existing website and admit it was not very good which lead to the creation of a new site.
  • Siena on Brendenwood and Village Shalom worked very hard did an excellent job at getting the vote out from the public.
  •  Many of the winners are not large chains, but independent communities.

The Perfect Celebration

In order to celebrate and honor the 2013 winners is throwing a party during  the 2013 Annual LeadingAge Conference in Dallas.  There will be free drinks and food plus a great chance to network.  You might even hear a story that will make your marketing program more successful and put your community in the running for 2014.

Here are the details: Magnolia Hotel Dallas (Library Room) 1401 Commerce St, Dallas, TX Tuesday, October 29, 2013 8:00pm-10:00pm You can RSVP HERE