I believe that every senior living community that purchases an emergency communications or nurse call system hopes they never have to use it.

By Pam McDonald

I believe that every senior living community that purchases an emergency communications or nurse call system hopes they never have to use it. But, I’ve never known a single one that didn’t.

Situations happen – from medical emergencies, to accidents, to falls, to elopements, to the need to evacuate a building – there are just going to be times when residents and staff needs to communicate immediately and reliably. That’s where Senior Housing Forum’s newest partner, Cornell Communications, comes in.

Offering Greater Peace of Mind

Cornell offers a full line of emergency call and communications systems to the health care industry. State-of-the-art, reliable systems available include visual nurse call, wireless nurse call, clinical status, reporting and paging. Residents and families can have greater peace of mind knowing a caregiver is on hand at the push of a button.

Cornell’s Secret Sauce

Recently I was able to interview Owner and CEO JJ Johnson, and when I ask what makes Cornell’s systems unique and preeminent, he answers unequivocally:

“We’re the longest-term provider in this industry; we’ve been manufacturing, installing, upgrading, replacing, and repairing our emergency communications systems for 48 years. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

“We’ve grown up with the industry and use the best technology for the specific circumstances. We offer wired, wireless, and Wi-Fi products.

“Our products are so dependable they come with a 10-year warranty, the best in the business.

Wow, now that’s saying something!

An Enviable Track Record

Cornell Communications has completed over 20,000 installations in every state in America and has the largest service network in the industry. Its systems are intuitive and easy to use – for both residents and staff. And, they’re devised to enable staff to react quickly in time-sensitive situations, as well as to continue improving their response times.

In the health care field, Cornell provides systems for skilled nursing facilities; independent, assisted living, and memory care communities; and medical outpatient centers or clinics.

Completely Customizable

Whether a community is looking to upgrade an existing system or install an entirely new one, Cornell’s team of experts can provide guidance to customize the best system. Even during construction, they can help an owner decide whether a wired, wireless, or a combination system would most improve communication efficiency.

They’ll also install it to each customer’s specifications, and ensure that all components are wired and working properly. Then, Cornell can work with management and staff to choose components, such as wireless nurse call pendants, lights, or call buttons. They can also offer advice about how caregivers will receive alerts – via pocket paging system, email, text message, audio calls, or AURA 2.0 client monitor screen.

From start to finish, Cornell Communication can help ensure that a community’s emergency call and communications systems provide effective communications and promotes fast response times that are so essential to residents’ well being.

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