The story: Want fewer UTIs, skin lesions, and staff burnouts? Check your briefs — the ones you’re giving residents, that is. Incontinence doesn’t have to run/ruin lives. Here’s a better way.

The guests:

  • Rosemary Laird, MD, geriatrician and founder, Laird Eldercare Group
  • Deanna Vigliotta, Seni

Your host: Rachel Hill, Senior Living Foresight.

“If you live in a building that has beautiful chandeliers and a beautiful dining room, but you’re scared to go out because … you might soil your clothing … and soil the chair you’re sitting on, you’re not going to go have the nice meal in the dining room with your friends or take part in any social activities. … [Urinary incontinence is] one of the most common things going on in a senior living community, but it’s one of the least common things that’s spoken about.”

 Rosemary Laird, MD


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