The story: Recruiting and retaining people 40 and younger requires new skillsets. Here’s how to get future leaders flocking your way. (And how to make the “participation trophy” mindset work in your favor!)

The guest: Cara Silletto, president and chief retention officer, Magnet Culture.

Your host: Rachel Hill, Senior Living Foresight.

For “the older generations — especially Gen X — it was just, ‘Work harder, make more money. Work harder, make more money,’ with a lot of folks. They wanted to get their family to a good, comfortable lifestyle. … Then you had the millennials, who swung the pendulum the other direction and said, ‘Be a starving artist. Do what you love, but who cares about the money?’ … Gen Z is kind of in the middle. … ‘I want to do what I love, but I’m going to make money doing it. … I want to keep job-hopping until I find a place I love to work.’”

— Cara Silletto


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