The story: They call it an “operator in a box.” This robust software suite, built by operators, for operators, grows with you. Pick and choose what you need, as you need it. Here’s how it came to be … and the cool stuff you can do with it.

The guest: Brad Frasher, executive vice president, Glennis Solutions

Your host: Rachel Hill, Senior Living Foresight.

“What I tell people is, let’s solve your most pressing pain point today. Maybe that’s with the care system — “I need to digitize my tasks for my caregivers, and I want to use the mobile app.” … Great … we’ll get you hooked up with our integrated eMAR as well. Therefore all of your care needs are taken care of. Then we can move on to billing and maybe the CRM. That way, on your technology journey — a six-months, a one-year, a three-year journey — whatever it is, we’ll go at your speed to get you on a full platform that’s fully integrated and easy to use.”

— Brad Frasher

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