The story: She was trained in neurology. But when her own mother showed signs of dementia, she dismissed them. Now, she’s offering insights into what your residents’ family members are going through — and why denial isn’t always denial.

The guest: Elaine Pereira, speaker, caregiver, and author of I Will Never Forget.

Your host: Rachel Hill, Senior Living Foresight.

“There’s a fine line between denial and literally ignorance. And I don’t mean ignorance disrespectfully. I felt I was ignorant. People [would] share with me all this stuff, and I [was] like, ‘[She’s] not like that when I’m there.’ And they’re rolling their eyes, going, ‘This girl’s really out of it. She is in total denial.’ But you can’t be in denial if you don’t understand what it is that’s going on. So you’re just bewildered.”

Elaine Pereira