By Susan Saldibar

In case you’re wondering why that electronic health record software you installed is so successful at keeping your CNAs writing notes on a whiteboard  …

Imagine an EHR that is born this way:

  • A fortuitous meeting in a park (with their kids) between a clinician leading a successful senior living physician house call practice and a former Apple engineering leader looking for his next big project.
  • The physician decides to drag his new buddy to a slew of senior living communities and show him, first-hand, why they need software to lift a bunch of burdens off staff so they can deliver care the right way.
  • They visit more and more communities and LISTEN. They take a ton of notes.
  • They develop a great (Apple-style-easy-to-use) EHR platform and get their first buyer (“I want to buy this app now!”).
  • But, instead of payment, they ask to be embedded in the community for a year. A year!
  • No surprise, the platform gets better and better and better ….

The company is August Health (a new Foresight partner), and they’re crushing it in the EHR space. 

Because, when software is grown organically from inside out, here’s what happens:

  • 93% of staff say they save time every month. (What could your staff do with that time?)
  • 80% say they’re happier with their roles and workplaces. (What would that do for your retention?)
  • 90% say it’s more friendly than other EHR software.
  • 80% of August Health users would prefer to work in communities that use the platform. (That’s huge.)

Now that I’ve got your attention, check out the (meaty) discussion between Steve Moran and Justin Schram (the physician) and Erez Cohen (the former Apple engineering leader) of August Health.

This is the part where I usually do a list of all the great things a software does. And August Health has plenty, like paperless move-ins, assessments that flow straight to care plans, and a compliance dashboard that tracks documents and upcoming deadlines.

But, Justin and Erez aren’t your typical software developers. They’re all about the people they serve. So they prefer to have a couple users tell us.

So listen up:

“We believe that the automation benefits from partnering with August Health are a smart move for Westmont Living. … In addition, we are providing a productivity tool for our nurses and care teams that will increase overall staff and resident satisfaction.”
— Andy Plant, president, Westmont Living

“August Health has been nothing but gracious, helpful, and supportive. They are a partner; they are a part of Carefield Living.”
— Breck Austin, COO, Carefield Living

“August Health has made our lives so much easier, reducing stress and giving us time (which is a precious gift) and just making our entire process more efficient.”
— Ami Anderson, regional director of community relations, CiminoCare

Here’s to Justin and Erez at August Health (and chance meetings in the park) for going beyond just knowing what the industry needed and actually providing it.

Check it out for yourself — request a demo here.